Design Services

Discovery Call

First, let’s get to know each other. Walk us through your needs and your vision of the perfect home and let’s discuss how Bevy can help you regain your zen.

Design Session


Deep dive into your paint points and design needs in this 90 minute session at your home with a designer.  We will brainstorm and discuss all of the possibilities including vision function, style preferences, timeline, budget and conclude with next steps. 




 Looking for targeted whole room direction and inspiration?  An e-design project  is all about value and impact. Choose your room, share your preferences, and let your designer do the rest.


Designer for the Day


 Have a designer by your side to accomplish a targeted task list. The day’s agenda is customized to you and can include space planning, color selection, materials & product selections, accessories and/or styling.


Full Service Design & Remodels


Design management from inspiration to implementation. Project scope is customized to you and your project.


No project is too big or too small.
Let’s make a home you love.