Life is Stressful,

Home Shouldn't Be.

Delivering coordinated interior design and home management to create the home you want.

Life is Stressful,

Home Shouldn't Be.

Delivering coordinated interior design and home management to create the home you want.

Too busy running your home to enjoy it?

Too busy running your home to enjoy it?

Picture your life where you come home and this is your reality.

Picture your life where you come home and this is your reality.


Shed your
home-induced anxiety by working with a partner who can handle it all.

Bevy is a full-service design & home management firm based in Houston, TX that uses its expertise in design, organization and project management to bring sanity back to families across Texas,
one home at a time:

Soooo how does it work?

First your Bevy team will create a comprehensive plan that will transform your home into a space you love through a combination of home management and interior design. The plan will combine our expertise with your timeline, budget and priorities to create a highly personalized solution. Your solution may incorporate all or just one of the following:  interior design, construction, organizational systems and day-to-day home management support.

Now it is time to put that plan into action by having Bevy’s team of project managers, interior designers and vendors turn that plan into reality while you focus on your priorities. One space at a time, or just get it all done, DIY with assist or pass off the whole project – the Bevy solution is the one that fits your family the best. 

It starts with a call.

First, let’s hop on a call and get to know each other. Walk us through your needs and your vision of the perfect home and let’s discuss how Bevy can help you regain your zen. That is where is all starts. Next step we will schedule an on-site consultation and your new home life begins.

Onsite Consultation

The Bevy team comes to your home to dig into the details of what you want to accomplish and brainstorm ideas of how to replace the chaos with calm.

Scope each Project

Together, we will outline the vision, scope, and budget of each project, ensuring mutual transparency and alignment from the beginning.

Bring in the Experts

Our bevy of professional project managers, designers, and vendors will collaborate on your project to create and execute a cohesive and detailed plan.

Stay In-the-Know

Receive regular updates from the Bevy team and contact us anytime via text, phone, or email.

What Clients are Saying

From to-do to DONE

They transformed my office from a pile of boxes and a few ideas into a space that I love, making sure every detail is right.

They designed, organized, and executed everything. A project that was once daunting is now done.

– Patricia

woman making executive presentation


With Bevy’s help maintaining my home, I turned in a huge project at work ahead of schedule and impressed the bosses.

I can focus on my career because I know Bevy has everything covered at home.

– Kristin

The Bevy Story

Lynda and Carissa
noun. a large group of people of a particular purpose.

After years of building successful careers, Lynda and Carissa realized they did not have the support network they needed to flourish, at work or at home. As individuals with goals, as mommas with kiddos to raise, and as partners to their spouses – they were the definition of doing it all. 

But it was all held together with tape and string. It was so fragile.

Many of their peers had partners whose full-time job was to manage their homes, families, and lives. On the other hand, Lynda and Carissa were constantly struggling to balance their careers with the needs of their growing families and their own goals and ambition. They needed Bevy, but it did not exist – so they quit their day jobs and got to work.


Bevy brings to families the care and love of a trusted friend with the expertise of a project manager, the flair of a designer, and the patience and persistence of a mom. 

Bevy allows families the opportunity to spend time where it matters for them and delegate the rest.


With Bevy, you aren’t alone. We are here to help.

No project is too big or too small.
Let’s make a home you love.

From Our Families to Yours

Start loving your home, one project at a time.